Jugor Con Cobeza.
Ajedrez en la cámara de gas, un lujo insólito
DEBUT Contemporary, In conversation with the Artist In the Gallery.
The Palette Page, interviewing T.Raymonzrek.
London Chess Classic, auction of a Couture chess set created by T.Raymonzrek in conjunction with Purling London Luxury Chess Sets. Dec 2014 To place Your Bid, please follow the link. We wish you the best of luck on your bidding.
Thanks to TATLER BYSTANDER for featuring Tony's Couture Chess piece, please follow the link below, Image No:7
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Couture chess art piece on Trendhunter, http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/luxury-chess-set
Thanks to Pursuitist Luxury for the new article about Tony's Couture chess art piece, please click on the link below.
T.Raymonzrek Couture chess piece at The Top Tier.net
More news about the artist latest chess piece, click here http://www.debutcontemporary.com/chess-series-t-raymonzrek/#.UpZNV-Jta8A
Tony's chess piece at Wall Street International.
Tony's chess piece at Luxurious Magazine.
We are proud to announce T.Raymonzrek recent collaboration with Purling London.
To all our Arabic readers, please click on this link to read more about Tony's Chess art piece.
Tony Raymonzrek’s apocalyptic sculpture-cum-performance piece:To see more: please click here http://www.debutcontemporary.com/inside-the-purling-london-x-debut-conte...
The first media coverage since the finishing of T.Raymonrek's latest art piece, in collaboration with Purling London : Luxury Chess Sets, To all Arabic readers, Here is a link to ABC Arabic.net to find out more about the project! please follow the link below.
Posted on: 26th of Oct 2013
We are proud to inform you that 5% off any art-work you purchase will be donated to T.Raymonzrek favorite charity "Noah’s Ark Children's Hospice"
We would like to announce to all of T.Raymonzrek Arab followers that now they can read what the artist had to say in this interview with "Al moushahid Assiyasi" Magazine. http://www.almushahidassiyasi.com/home/detail/MTAyMDA=
Posted on: 15th of Sep 2013
Today’s Highlight Artist is T.Raymonzrek Trzgallery His series ‘Precision Body Work’, was inspired by a colour mixing cup at a friends car body repairs garage. Read what tony had to say in this interview.
Posted on: 3d of Jul 2013