Art doesn't have "MEANING". The "MEANING" of Art is what you bring to Art.

Commissioned art - original artwork - photography - oil - acrylic - mixed media
We are delighted to announce that the artist T.Raymonzrek is now dividing his time between his own studio and commissioned work for clients.
Whether you're a private collector, organisation, doctors clinic, hotel, bar, restaurant, club or an interior designer, T.Raymonzrek wants to hear from you. Your design challenges are his only motivation and T.Raymonzrek will take them on, head on.
Please put forward your commissions for a free consultation. Any of the artwork on our gallery is available for purchase, so do not hesitate to get in touch by using the email box provided below.

Tony believes that art is an illusion and doesn’t have one objective truth; it’s not supposed to mean anything specific. Art is a language just like any other and it is what we make out of it. We can use it to communicate for a variety of reasons or to express a feeling; something that words can’t necessarily describe; this language is open for interpretation and each individual is his own arbitrary judge as to what this language means to them.

Since his childhood art was a language that didn’t require him to learn an alphabet, or hear how it sounds. Seeing was good enough for Tony and he always wondered “what does art actually mean?” But then as he went along, Tony learned to embrace and love the mysteriousness of it and accept there is no defined meaning. It’s like magic or an illusion.

Just like a child watching a magician, in order for the magic to occupy our minds and live with us for years to come, questions must not be asked as to how the illusion was formed, nor should the magician reveal his secret. There is no reason for a magician to perform a magic trick or an illusion if the answers are given away. How then will the mind be stimulated? Each spectators mind will be stimulated in a different way according to how they perceive the magic. This also applies to the artist, his art, and the viewers. Just like there is no meaning behind making a rabbit vanish from the hat other than to provoke a reaction; there is also sometimes no reason other than that for art.

Art is magic. Art is an illusion.

Tony Zreik

Tony applies over 25 years experience of working and running a hairdressing business in Greater London to provide five-star service for his clients. His attention to detail, coupled with his ability to understand even the most demanding hair types, has earned him a long list of faithful followers. He knows every client is an individual whose hair fashion must reflect not only the qualities of their hair, but also their profession, lifestyle, and above all, their personality as well. Please call him to discuss your unique hair fashion needs. You'll have a light-hearted and creative experience in a lively and artistic setting..

Creative DIrector / Owner


Our senior stylist, Julia, has 10 years' hairdressing experience, besides the further training she has received from Tony himself since her arrival here in April 2014. Julia is incredibly friendly and demonstrates the highest standards in her work. A native of Romania, Julia, like the rest of Tony's Angels, combines the salon's unique approach to customer service with a strong commitment to the latest hair styles and techniques..

Senior Stylist
Phorest Client Experience Award 2018
Tony Zreik

Artist Biography

Born in Lebanon, Tony spent much of his childhood helping his father with manual tasks –painting, decorating, furniture, and he worked as a mechanic for four years from the age of fourteen, after which he found more profitable work building marble fireplaces and tiling mosaic floors. By the mid nineties, he had decided on a complete change, forsaking manual work to start a hairdressing business, establishing the Tony Zreik Unisex Hair Salon in London.

Fusing his artistic, manual skills and exciting experimental techniques drawn from his childhood, he has developed a personal language.

The result is a mixed technique, applied to his work, bringing together the worlds of art, photography and fashion. His arts are a complement to modern interiors, colors and dimensions.

As a self-taught artist, he has been experimenting on different subjects and techniques ever since he started. To him, this has been a long journey of self-discovery. This journey has also led Tony to his eureka moment where he united his mechanical experience with his creative tendencies. Inspired when he visited a car body repair space – witnessing the mechanical movements and splashing of colour he was inspired to create his breakthrough sculptures, each one more dramatic than the last. ‘Sunflower’ is a dramatic mechanical sunflower doused with orange paint, dripping off its canvas and onto the frame..

Tony strives to educate himself in various areas such as; history, psychology, politics, economics, religion, mythology, life itself, the universe, art and most importantly why we humans behave the way we do.

His mind is constantly churning and processing all of this intricate information and trying to make sense out of it. It’s almost like he is not in control of this, and Tony becomes subject to the currents of life. Naturally, his brain will start interpreting the things he learns and tries to break them down into small pieces. It’s a tiring process, but fun at the same time, which is why Tony loves what he does. At first this whole process was a matter of hit and miss; what interests him and what doesn’t? What’s informative, and what isn’t? Over the years, experience has given Tony a trained eye and he started to see more clearly through them, analyzing and interpreting information according to his subjective view of reality. This has recently led to Tony's own personal break through, which he calls "hidden art." It became his mission to reflect what he sees and to invite people to have the opportunity to see things from his point of view. Nonetheless, he still wants people to reach their own conclusions and interpretations about what he is trying to convey through his art.

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